“The DJ Connection crew was fantastic to work with. They were helpful, patient, and a blast to work with. I knew nothing about organizing or planning the evening of our wedding. They handled it all! The process of determining what we wanted and didn't want was a breeze and they were always available to answer any question we had. Our DJ took great care of us the night of our wedding without being glued to our hip the entire night. He kept us on a flexible schedule which kept the party going strong. Plus, we have the best wedding party/DJ selfie ever! We enjoyed working with them and would work with them again in a heartbeat! Thanks, DJ Connection!”
Britney C
“Like everyone else, from the minute I spoke with DJ Connection, I instantly liked them! I met them at a Bridal Show and they had me in tears from laughing so much! They are such a fun group that truly love what they do. They are SO helpful throughout the entire process too. They had tons of recommendations when I needed them, and made sure we were on the same page for everything. Our DJ and was incredible!! He didn't interrupt my evening like some I have seen, but he still kept me in the loop, made sure I was happy, and read the crowd really well. He even got in on our sparkler exit!!! They do follow up calls with you to make sure they have every detail perfect so you don't have to worry about anything on your wedding day. There's an online planner to use, and you can add songs to it up until the week of the wedding. This was perfect for me, as I would randomly think of a song, I could add it right then! Or if I changed my mind, I didn't have to make any phone calls, I could just adjust the list. Their prices are awesome compared to others, and it is worth every penny! ”
Katie H
“DJ connection was seriously amazing. I left the DJ part of the wedding up to my husband. Had to give him some tasks :) and he did great! He loved the humor of the company and knew it would perfect. They were extremely helpful and even did a conference call with my husband and I because we both were working late. Great customer service! The wedding day was perfect! Our DJ and HE WAS THE BEST! I wish I could put a picture on here because we have wedding photos where he is dancing with us and that was so special! He even troubleshooted when the sound when our during the ceremony. Of course that would happen :) I was sitting next to my dad and he is running in the reception hall to grab a huge speaker and within 1 minute the ceremony was back in action. Highly highly recommend DJ Connection. We have had friends that used them for their wedding too and we all can't say enough great things about them!”
Lindsay S
“My now husband and I chose DJ Connection for our wedding after a recommendation from a friend who used them for their wedding. They were one of the easiest vendors to work with - so accommodating and did everything we wanted without complaints. We even altered the reception timeline the day of and this wasn't a problem for them! The dancing at our wedding was so much fun thanks to you guys! Highly recommend!”
Jennifer B
“DJ Connection was easy to communicate with from day one. Adding our requests was as simple as a push of a button and our DJ did a great job picking songs after seeing our suggestions. Our DJ was fun and friendly and helped get people dancing on the floor. Their prices were great and we would highly recommend them!”
Sierra C
“Our DJ was GREAT! He was polite, appeared excited to be there helping us host our guests and we had an amazing time. The price was right for what we needed and I'm sure if we had wanted to play some other songs, he would have been happy to oblige. I know my husband set up everything with them and he said it was very easy to make the song list and work with them. ”
Corina C
“Loved everything about DJ Connection!! Having a good DJ was very important to me. I wanted my wedding to be one that people remembered because they had so much fun. DJ Connection exceeded my expectations! They took great care when it came to planning and scheduling, which helped to put me at easy. On the big day our DJ played all the right songs and kept everything flowing perfectly. Everyone was having a great time! He was so attentive and even made sure I had something to drink and was happy. He also stayed and helped us with clean up! DJ Connection went above and beyond. I am so glad that I chose them for my DJ!”
Elizabeth W
“I love DJ Connection! They were great about working with me prior to my wedding and the particular DJ I had ) was really flexible when our timeline didn't go exactly to plan. He made everything run smoothly and played great songs all night long! I would highly recommend this company and will use them in the future!”
Kathryn W