How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost Callen

Here at DJ Connection, we can’t tell you how often we are asked, “How much does a wedding DJ cost?” or “How much should I be prepared to spend on a wedding DJ?” In 2016 Huffington Post reported the average wedding DJ cost was $1,124.

On the low end, you could pay less than $500 while on the high end, you could pay well over one-thousand dollars. Your wedding date is a factor as is how long your wedding or reception will last. How much experience your DJ has - or doesn't have - will contribute to the cost, as well. 

Here is more on the factors most DJs use when answering "How much does a wedding DJ cost":

Date - It's no secret that some dates tend to be more popular (remember 07/07/07? It was crazy!) and some months book up faster than others. Your wedding DJ may cost more the second week in June than the second week in January.
Pro - Tip: January, March, April, and November are considered "off season" for weddings.

How Long Is Your Event? - Most DJs charge by the hour or x amount for a certain time frame and then more every hour after that time, however, DJ Connection never charges per hour - we are unlimited time DJs which means we keep the party going as long as your guests are on the dance floor.
Pro - Tip: Hire DJ Connection to avoid being charged by the hour!

Experience - DJs with less experience are going to cost less than career DJs with many events and weddings on their resume. When interviewing wedding DJs, you may find our Bride's Checklist helpful.

Pro - Tip: Avoid using your friend's brother's college roommate who has an awesome boombox for your big day. Find an experienced DJ who doubles as the host and can be trusted to make important announcements like the cake cutting and first dance.

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If you’re planning a wedding or special event and want an awesome DJ, contact the professionals at DJ Connection to schedule a no hassle consultation.

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