Best Wedding Playlist

Ultimate wedding playlist

A custom wedding playlist can seem daunting at first. There are many questions you might have before building it.
  • What will everyone dance to?
  • Will the dancefloor get packed?
  • Will my guests stay late?

  • Not to worry. With our certified playlist and the right DJ, your wedding won't want to end. Although, your feet may feel different.

    Here are our Top 20 Songs to get the night going. Whether you're dancing your feet off, or singing your lungs out these are guaranteed gold:

    If you are interested in multiple genres, this is to be expected! Experienced DJ companies should be able to integrate genres together by reading the crowd and by doing so, they are able to please multiple different guests tastes by synthesizing the genres together. Great Grandma Betty sitting at table 1 could be a big fan of Neil Diamond while your Maid of Honor at the head table likes to dance to the Wobble.

    As mentioned above, the DJ hired by the company should also be able to read the crowd to get the guests up and moving! This is a crucial part in the DJs career. Being able to read crowds isn't an easy task, it takes attention to detail and considerate timing. When done just the right way, it gets all of your visitors up and engaged.

    Helpful Tips:

    If you are more of a singer and less of a dancer, choose songs that you and your guests can sing to. Same goes with dancing. Guests want to feel included in the wedding in some way, because it's the biggest day of your life. So by choosing songs that are most comfortable for you, they can also be a part of it. You can also have your guests request songs at the reception. This can be a good way to get guests involved as well. The only hitch is, if they choose a song you don't like, chances are you won't know about it until it's played. But if you're up for the challenge, it's a gratifying moment for the guest and their friends alike.

    Your wedding day is a memorable night for all! By choosing the perfect wedding playlist, you are setting the stage for the night. Dancing to your favorite songs with your favorite people on the greatest day of your life is easily one of the best memories you will ever make. Don't forget to take a breath here and there. Other than that, you're all set!

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