“They were so awesome and easy to work with and made sure everything went smoothly and perfect. Highly recommended! Our DJ was great and made it a lot of fun!”
Allison L
“My DJ was awesome! He was so much fun and willing to help with everything relating to music or not. He definitely helped keep the day going smoothly and helped get the guest where they should be for special events! Overall Great job!!”
Jennifer H
“We used DJ connection for our ceremony and for the reception. They were great for both! The DJ keep the party going but also was able to have classical music for the ceremony and during dinner. They really tailor the music to what you want. Their online system was also very easy to use to pick out songs for special times in the evening. Very professional and able to work with you.”
Jessica V
“I was skeptical about using a preferred vendor from the venue; assuming they would price gouge me but that wasn't the case with DJC I am glad to have booked them! Our DJ was wonderful and he kept the music and party going even after everyone left and we were trying to clear out the venue. Our DJ was attentive to mine and my hubby's needs throughout the night. He was a great host/emcee and kept to the timeline we created and overall kept the atmosphere happy and energetic. Definitely consider booking them again for future events :-)”
Fifi N
“We loved DJ Connection! Our DJ was great. He knew when to stop a song, when to start a song when to talk and when to not talk. He came up to me frequently making sure I was prepared for the next showcase, such as the bouquet toss. He allowed guests to requests songs and was a great emcee for the evening. We would recommend DJ Connections to anyone.”
Tatum W
“DJ Connection was so awesome!!! Our DJ was so flexible and was great at rolling with the punches and working with a few last minute changes! He was so good about doing things exactly how I wanted and making sure we were on the same page about everything! He did an awesome job of keeping people on the dance floor all night and every single guest made it to the floor atleast once and the dance floor was never empty, not once! I danced the night away thanks to DJ Connection! He was so professional and also very comfortable to work with, he was a great friend to us and we felt that we were in good hands all night. Never a dull moment with DJ Connection and the music played was fantastic. Absolutely perfect job, wouldn't have changed a thing!”
Knot User
“DJ Connection was awesome, it was really convenient I could get online on their planner and outline the schedule for them, write any sidenotes and update my song requests up until a week before the wedding. They did a great job, kept everyone dancing and had a lot of fun extras with games (we did the shoe game, group photo shots to shout, dollar dance, anniversary dance, couples last dance) I would recommend them to others!”
Audrey P
“I would absolutely have DJ Connection again!!! They are on the ball- if you need anything, they are truly very helpful. There were a few songs that I could not find on the website but I called them and they got it on there. Our DJ was OUTSTANDING!! He kept coming up to me throughout the night and asking me if I needed anything different or if everything was ok! My favorite part was the fact that they have their own up-lighting and they had where you can design your OWN INITIAL/NAME to be shown on the dance floor!”
Brooke C